Waterfalls near Chennai and Bengaluru

Waterfalls experience is always fantastic. We are listing best Waterfalls near Chennai and Bengaluru.

Courtallam / Kutralam Waterfalls

It’s called queen of waterfalls on the Southern India. Water contains medicinal properties as it flows down from hill where there are many herbal plants.


Jog falls

It is one of the best waterfalls India. We cover as part of our Gokarna trip.


Dudhsagar waterfalls

It is mesmerizing which can be covered when you visit Goa.

Goa, Adventure, Watersports, Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trip, 3N4D, Budget, Private

Mighty waterfalls in Meghalaya

If you love waterfalls, you must visit Meghalaya.

Comfort Leisure Meghalaya Trip 4N5D

Hidden waterfalls in Kotagiri

You need to trek for some distance. But you will be seeing the fantastic Catherine waterfalls when you to go Kothagiri.


Ganga falling from Sky – Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

It tests your fitness. But you will forget all the tiredness when take 1300 steps down and climbup after experiencing the beautiful Agaya Gangai waterfalls. Oct to Feb would be the best season.

Road Trip to Kolli Hills – 1N2D


There are many waterfalls in India such as Athirapally in Kerala, Abhey, Mallai, Buttermilk and Irupu in Karnataka,

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