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Traveller Experience – Once In A Blue Moon…

Another interesting Podcast. This time, it’s about an experience of a passionate traveller, Jessy. Listen to the story, and share feedback.

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Here is the text edition of Sailing experience

Jessy was fond of doing Wind Sailing with KeyTerns on a Full Moon day in Chennai as we had conducted one earlier. As we know, the full moon comes on different dates every month. So, we were organizing Sailing around the Full moon day. But she could not join as she was available only on 3rd Saturday. At some point, she was ok to take leave from the Office on any other day. But, we could not do it in some months for some reasons

This was going on for some time. 

There came the Full Moon Day Wind Sailing Trip on a 3rd Saturday. It was organized by the Sailing Club directly and by the time, they informed us, only 2 seats were available. We immediately pinged Jessy and offered her. She quickly confirmed for her and her friend with excitement. 

Now, the challenge came again. 

By the time we went back to the Club confirming the Booking, the seats got filled as they have limited J80 imported Sail Boats and each can accommodate only upto 8 guests. We were hesitating to tell Jessy that the seats are not available. However, we informed her. She was upset because more than Sailing, that was a ‘Full moon Sailing’. She loves Full Moon sailing and was eagerly waiting for it. We talked to the Secretary of the Club again explaining the situation. He understood, appreciated the interest of Jessy. He gave two seats as he asked normal Sailing guests to do it on some other day. 

Jessy and her friend could make it. It was a pleasant evening. They assembled at the Club very early. Sailing started. A very nice Sunset. Slowly, the Sun goes down and the moon is rising on the east. By then, Sail boat was moved out of the City scene and surrounded by blue water and the Moon white rays on the sea water was magical. Jessy and her friend thoroughly enjoyed it. We were curious to know how the Sail trip was. We called her. She said it was “Superb”, “Too good”. Here is what she wrote later – “Experience is beyond what language can convey. Thank you.”. 

Interestingly, that day’s moon was called ‘Blue Moon’ and it was “Once in a Blue Moon experience” indeed for Jessy.

Full Moon - Sailing

Full Moon – Sailing

Full Moon - Sailing

Full Moon – Sailing










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