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Covid restrictions in Tamil Nadu till Jan 31st

Giving below Covid restrictions in some key places. We truly care for your safety and health. Please take care of yourselves. Together, we can come out of Covid crisis shortly.
  • Sunday lockdown
  • Night curfew
  • Worship places closure on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Note: We are providing covid restrictions information that we collated from various sources. However, individuals should assess the situation and take action. Generally, it is recommended to avoid crowded places.

What’s the best for a Couple travel? 

Couple may want to celebrate Anniversary, Valentines Day, etc. by choosing a new concept stay, and memorable experiences like candle light dinner, barbeque and so on.

Refer to our options – https://www.keyterns.in/collections/couple-travel 


Poombarai Dome Tent

Poombarai Dome Tent

What are the Best Deals?

Best Airfare, one way, starts from

  • Rs.2000 to Delhi 
  • Rs.4042 to Kashmir
  • Rs.3097 to Jaipur
  • Rs.2400 to Goa

Some low fares are possible if you book 30 days in advance. We can get you refundable tickets with minimum charges.



Stay at Rann Utsav, Celebrate your occasion

Stay for 2 Nights and Get 1 Night Free, Ooty

The Destiny Farm Stay, Ooty– The Farm Resort.

Other properties are

 Kings Cliff and Sherlock are in ooty, Mangifer is in Bandipur and Cintacor the Only Private Island Resort is in Karwar Karnataka


How can you reach us for your travel needs?

If you have any Unique Stay or Experience or travel package need, please submit your requirements to https://www.keyterns.in/requirements. We will get back at the earliest. 

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share with us.

~ Team KeyTerns


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