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Try Less Crowded Monsoon Trip To Coorg!

Monsoon is slowed down on the western ghats. Perfect time to be there if you like rain. See if you can make it. Drizzling, you will feel like getting drenched. Raining, you will feel like dancing. Windy, you will feel like enjoying the delicious food. Gushing river water, you will love doing White Water Rafting. […]

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Monsoon Trip to Coorg

Monsoon Trip to Coorg from 30/08 to 03/09 from Chennai / Hyderabad / Bengaluru / Any City If you like rain, you must join this ‘Rainy Journey‘, travelling when it is raining. Coorg is one of the best places for Monsoon trip. You will experience best monsoon activities such as White Water Rafting, and tasting […]

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