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A Drone captures the Bird’s eye view of the stunning landscapes of the Coast and the mighty Sea. It’s your turn now. Get ready to fly, fastened by a rope on a speedboat. Parasail over the Arabian Sea. Clinging to a harness attached to a speedboat by a tow rope, Parasailing is one of the breathtaking Adventure sports. 

Goa Parasailing

Goa Parasailing

Goa, the Land Of Beaches, offers you one of the best Parasailing experiences with trained and standard experts around to safeguard. Different beaches like Calangute, Candolim, Baga, Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Colva… offer this sea sport. Adventure seekers, those who are looking to challenge the Sea, can take up this sport. (Safety is ensured by the Guards) 

Ideal time to visit is after the monsoon and before the summer. 


Let’s pierce through the winds to gaze at the scenic beauty of the Indian Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal.

Andaman Parasailing

Andaman Parasailing

Soaring high in the sky with a pull from the boat, Andaman’s Parasailing experience can be breathtaking and can be cherished for a lifetime. Roughly about 300 islands comprising rainforests, mangroves, white sand beaches offer a wide range of adventure activities and Parasailing in Andaman is something that none wants to miss out! Ideal time to visit is after the monsoon. 

Rajasthan Desert Parasailing 

After Sailing over the Arabian sea, over the Bay of Bengal, now are we ready to explore the vastness of the Thar. Yes you are guessing it right, I meant the Thar desert. Why not Parasailing over a desert?

Rajasthan Desert Parasailing

Rajasthan Desert Parasailing

Yes the Largest state of India offers the greatest thrill. Boat is replaced by a Jeep or SUV, water is replaced by the land full of sand, and hurray nothing can replace you. On the harness it’s going to be you testing your maximum decibel level while being embraced by the particles from the sandy expanse. Parasailing over the Desert is a must try for all the adventure seekers out there. There are places like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer that offer you this sport. 

Ideal time to visit is after monsoon and before summer.

“Khamma Ghani”, that’s how Rajasthan welcomes you!

Chennai Paramotoring and Sailing

Chennai is yet to have Parasailing. But Chennai has Paramotoring and Sailing. Paramotoring is a small parachute pulled flying machine that takes you on the sky, fly over beach and give you an exciting experience. You can book paramotoring instantly using

Sailing is a century old watersport in Chennai. 100+ years old renowned sailing club provides Sailing orientation. You can book Sailing instantly using Sharing some videos and albums below for reference.

* Album –
* Port to Port –
* Wind Sailing –
* Sailing Appreciations –

Chennai Paramotoring

Full Moon - Sailing

Full Moon – Sailing
















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