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We are moving to a new normal. Companies are planning to have most of the staff working from home. Employees are facing a lot of psychological challenges like ‘more working time’, food habit changes, sleep disorders, domestic violence, body pains, increased differences of opinions, fear of job loss, unemployment, feeling of someone monitoring online meetings, relationship issues, depression because of work – work – work, etc. 

Corporates are finding ways to help employees to cope up with new normal and motivate them to do work effectively. Corporates are also pressured on the cost as the lockdown brought down the business.

KeyTerns with its expertise on Wellness solutions has launched two packages as described below to support corporates in this crucial period and to help employees cope up with new normal.

Package – Online Physical Wellness and Yoga Sessions

Leading Doctor curates this online session. This package covers the following.

  • Best Diet to boost immune system
  • Solution for hand / elbow / neck / back / eye pain
  • Simple Yoga, Pranayama and Exercises
  • Techniques for better sleep, and calming mind

Curator profile: Workshop is curated by a Doctor who has plenty of experience in Corporate and Personal Wellness Programmes and Consulting. He is knowledgeable in many forms of treatment, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga.  

Cost: Please contact +917550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com for details.

Extract of some Testimonials:

  • “Doctor is very knowledgeable”
  • “Yoga, Pranayama and Exercises were easy to follow”
  • “Got solutions for my working from home challenges like hand pain and neck pain”

General FAQs

Why are we suggesting 20 participants per batch? – As the participants may ask many questions, 20 participants per batch is recommended.

Can individuals take 1-2-1 sessions? – Yes. Personal consulting is possible.

Can we get a free session? – If needed, we can provide a free session for 20 participants. 


About us: KeyTerns is an Adventure, Expert Curated and Leisure travel designer and an organiser for individuals, corporates and students in Nature – Offbeat, Heritage – Culture and Spiritual – Wellness themes.

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