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Without villages, there is no agriculture for state in India. Vellathukottai and surrounded villages are beautiful and not impacted by the fast city life. Vellathukottai is around 60 KM from Chennai between Poondi Reservoir and the Allikuzhi Reserve Forest hills. Vellathukottai is close to Gudiyam Caves where popular Geologist unearthed lots of stone axes to prove paleolithic life, about a million years ago.

Why should you do a Village trip ?

  • To learn simple lifestyle
  • To be out of crowded and pollution free place
  • To know more about cultivation

What will you get from this trip?

  • Visiting the village, talking to villagers about lifestyle
  • Experiencing cultivation by going with Villagers
  • Pottery making
  • Cattle feeding
  • Much more

Cost: Please check with us. We can provide just curation or curation with transport.