Highlights of trip:

  • Walking around the JK Foundation Centre in Chennai, enjoying the serene environment
  • Learning more about JK’s work on Spirituality
  • Q&A session at JK Foundation
  • Meeting one of the volunteers from Sri Bagavath Mission and have Q&A session.


Detailed  Plan:

  • 02:00 PM: We will assemble in front of JK Foundation, Chennai, sprawled across 6.5 acres of green and quiet
  • Curator will lead us to meet JK Foundation team.
  • We will be watching videos of JK’s speech at JK Foundation
  • We will have a Q&A session with JK Foundation team. While, participants may ask any questions, we have planned to ask the following 3 questions..
    • How do I avoid negative emotions (Anger, Fear, etc.)?
    • How to build better relationships?
    • Is it ok to focus on wealth creation?
  • Post this session, we will meet volunteer from Sri Bagavath Mission and have Q&A session.
  • Completing the Spiritual trip at 05 PM.