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What changed in Piplantri?

Piplantri is a village near Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. Now, its an oasis. But earlier….

What was Piplantri before?

Once, Piplantri village had serious social challenges like female infanticide, foeticide, dowry and gender discrimination.

How is it now? 

The birth of a girl child is now welcomed. Girl children get good education and financial security until they grow. Village is an an oasis now with lots of trees, and a happier community.

Once, Piplantri village had Environment challenges also like deforestation, habitat destruction, water scarcity and landscape destruction. Now, Piplantri village is turned into an oasis. How did they change? Join this trip or visit this village to get more inspiring stories…

How did they change?

  • One great man brought the change in the memory of his daughter Kiran, who died a few years ago. Accordingly, the villagers of Piplantri plant and maintain 111 trees every time a girl child is born. Now, Piplantri is proud to have 300,000 trees. More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piplantri
  • Not just that. After the birth of a girl child, the villagers contribute Rs 21,000 collectively and take Rs 10,000 from the parents and put it in a fixed deposit bank account, which can be used only after she turns 18.
  • Further, to make sure that girl child receives a proper education, the villagers make the parents sign an affidavit (legal contract) which restricts them from marrying her off before she attains the legal age for marriage.
  • Is it not inspiring? Plan a trip to this village to know more and to encourage them. Women only trips are also possible in a safe place for women. Package details – https://keyterns.com/package/piplantri-trip-private/
Piplantri - village

Standard Features Of Our Budget Leisure Trip

This is a Budget Any Date Experience Trip, carefully designed for your requirements to give you the following. 

  • Personalized design of trip by keeping maximum Safety and the Coverage of Experiences.
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This trip will be special and unique in nature as this can be experienced only here. Be there, experience female empowerment, community living, and environmental change. 

Experience highlights:

  1. Staying in the village along with villagers
  2. Visiting the tree plantations done to celebrate female children
  3. Sing along with farmers in the fields
  4. Witness the lifestyle of the rural villages
  5. Eat local food 
  6. Visit Kumbhalgarh Fort
  7. Much more…

Cost: Please check with us.

Please contact +917550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com for any questions. Please refer to the details for the plan, cost inclusions, cost exclusions, etc.

Places / Experiences

High level plan:

  • Day 1: CAB pick up at Udaipur  Airport, transfer to Piplantri, Check in at the Village Guest house,
    • Enroute visit the Eklinji temple and the ShreenathJi temple (Experience 1)
    • Take a stroll and relax for the day 
  • Day 2: Visit village houses, interact with villages, go along with them to the paddy field, watch the tree plantations created to celebrate female children  (Experience 2)
  • Day 3: Visit Kumbhalgarh Fort and lake (Experience 3)
  • Day 4: Visit Udaipur (Experience 4) 
  • Drop at Udaipur Airport with fine memories

Cost Inclusions:

  • Piplantri Transfer in an AC SUV Car and the sightseeing on the way
  • Airport Transfer in an AC SUV Car and the sightseeing at Udaipur
  • Triple sharing stay in 2 AC rooms with complimentary breakfast on day 2, 3 & 4, lunch on day 1, 2 & 3 and dinner on 1,2 & 3
  • Piplantri – Kumbhalgarh Fort – Piplantri

Cost Exclusions:

  • Flight (~ Rs.8500 to Rs.10000 Per Person for both ways Chennai-Udaipur-Chennai)
  • Boat Charges at Udaipur (The boat ride ticket price to Jag mandir is Rs. 450 per person from City palace. After 3:00 pm, the ticket fee for boat ride is Rs. 700 per person)  
  • Entry fee to fort, palaces, sightseeing places
  • Any Guide charges
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusion


  • Stay can be arranged in a comfort / luxury hotel in Udaipur also.
  • Sequence given is indicative. Places of visit and Experiences are subject to availability. Places of visit and Experiences can be chosen from Appendix depending on interest and time availability.
  • Travellers should assess the situation while travelling or walking in travel places and take care of themselves to ensure safety.   
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  • Experience booking terms: 20% advance for booking and balance 30 days before the trip date.
  • Experience cancelation policy: 20% cancellation charges upto 72 hours before check-in.  
  • Places can be added or changed depending on the customers interest and time availability.

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