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Kothagiri, Camping And Trekking, Budget, 1N2D, Private


Kothagiri is small town on the Nilgiris close to Ooty. Kothagiri is amazingly beautiful with perfect hill station weather all the time. It’s a place to be for leisure and for adventure. Join our Nature Trail at Kothagiri and enjoy the nature.

Why should you choose this package?

  • To get Wow experience like Camping, Waterfalls, Trek and so on.
  • To move freely without crowd, apt for Covid times

What will you do in this trip?

  • Enjoying nature walk and a trek trail,
  • Strolling along the water streams,
  • Chilling your feet at the pond,
  • Seeing magnificent view of valley,
  • Wandering through lush green & spread tea estates,
  • Trekking and taking a dip in the waterfalls,
  • Visiting tribal villages,
  • Taking some nice photographs, Watching the birds and listening to its soothing sound,
  • Relaxing at campfire, Tasting delicious food, Probable wildlife sighting
  • much more…


  • Package 1 – Campsite Package with Transport from Coimbatore – check with us
  • Package 2 – Campsite Package without Transport – Book now
  • Package 3 – Colonial Bungalow Stay with or without Transport from Coimbatore – check with us


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