Goa Sea Rafting

Goa, Adventure, Watersports, Dudhsagar Trip, 3N4D, Budget, Pvt


Goa is one of the best water adventure and watersports places in India with unique experiences like Beach Rafting, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Parasailing, etc. We design the best adventure experience for your needs.

About Our Budget Private Trips

  1. Lowest Cost – Clear budget for the trip with details as far as possible.
  2. Making it Easy – Personalized design by keeping maximum Safety and the Coverage of Experiences.
  3. Wow Experience – Better information with best season for your “likeable places or experiences”
  4. Feeling satisfied to have done some experiences
  5. Safety measures

Experience highlights

  1. Enjoying best Beaches of Goa
  2. Offroad drive and taking a dip in the gushing Dudhsagar waterfalls
  3. Unique Beach Rafting
  4. Best of Water Adventure & Watersports
  5. Much more…

Cost: Please contact +917550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com for details and booking

Goa Adventure
Goa Adventure
Goa Adventure
Goa Adventure

About us

KeyTerns provides Experiential travel for the Comfort, Budget, Corporate and Educational Travellers in Nature – Adventure, Heritage – Culture and Spiritual – Wellness themes.

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Inspired by: KeyTerns derives its name from the super bird “Arctic Tern” that travels from the Arctic to Antarctica covering around 90,000 km per year. In its lifetime, it travels 24 Lacs KM, which is equivalent to 3 times travelling to the Moon and coming back.


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