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Have You Done Jet Ski In These Places In India?

Jet Ski is fun, safe, adventurous and suits any age person. Have you done Jet Ski in these places? They are the best in India i.e. Chennai, Goa and Andaman.

1. Goa – Challenge the Waves!

An ideal vacation is a combination of peace, leisure and the right amount of adventure, right?

Goa Jet Ski

Goa Jet Ski

Waters are where we find all of these in the right proportions. Experience supersedes Inference at least in adventure sports. An adventure can make us go beyond our limitations, remove our clouds of fear, replace pessimism with optimism. 

Jet skiing is a sport that most of us know, yes we know! What about a hands on experience on it? A small jet-propelled vehicle skimming on the surface of water allowing you to speed away into the ocean with strong winds cuddling your hair, Jet Ski makes you the master of the ocean. 

Goa, the city of beaches is a prime location for Jet Skiing in India. Colva, Anjuna, Candolim, Baga, Calangute and Anguada beaches are ideal to experience the sport with experienced guides and safety equipment. Goa offers varieties of water sports along with the Jet Ski, allowing the travellers to gauge their dare to the fullest.

Ideal time to visit Goa is after the monsoon.

2. Jet Ski in the Archipelago:

Andaman Islands, the Indian Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal comprising tropical rainforest, coral reefs, sandy beaches offer a wide array of adventure water sports. Jet Ski in Andaman is one of the best adventures to take up to have an exciting experience in the Islands. Jet Ski doesn’t require prior training, just a few safety instructions from the guard will make it an amusing ride for the lifetime. Speed thrills and chills when it’s done with a scooter propelled with a jet engine skimming the surface of the seas. 

Ideal time to visit is September to March. 


Jet Ski Chennai

Jet Ski Chennai

Chennai, the cultural city of India is also known as the Detroit of Asia due to the existence of major Automobile manufacturing units and varied allied industries around the city, is also a home of widespread coastline extending from Ennore to Uthandi or even further. 

Along the Coromandel coast and its backwaters in the outskirts of Chennai, various leisure and adventure activities are set up to amuse the enthusiasts. Jet Ski is a well received water adventure sport round the globe which is also present in Chennai ECR. A drive along the Coromandel Coast on the ECR to enjoy the water sport is a perfect fusion of leisure and adventure. 

Ideal time to visit is obviously after the monsoon and before the summer begins. 

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