India’s Grand Canyon trip for a Corporate


Corporate Trip for around 40 colleagues to India’s Grand Canyon & Caves was successful. Travel Planning, Coordination, Food, Stay and Sightseeing spots were appreciated by guests. Details about the trip are given below.

Our Excitement

KeyTerns team has been receiving great opportunities and more participation for the travels. Recent one is doing a trip for one of the largest companies in financial sector. The company sponsored the trip to India’s Grand Canyon for around 40 colleagues. Amazing gesture from the company. Ever since, we got the opportunity, we started doing some detailed plan. We looked at every aspect of the trip. We know that weather will touch 40 during mid day. We took this a challenge to giver wonderful experience.

Preparation helped

Fortunately, we had our own group trip to India’s Grand Canyon around 24th & 25th March 2018. While we took care of that batch, we also took that as an opportunity and talked to each of the stakeholder in Haritha Resorts (be it the Manager, Cook, Assistants, Cleaning Boys), Belum Caves Guide, ASI Guide, and many more. That way, we fixed detailed food menu with less spicy items, explained what kind of cleaning is needed, where we want to have food, checking the availability of plates, spoons, etc for larger group. In the process we had to do certain things additionally. Like they did not have enough Chairs for the group gathering in the evening. We hired around 35 extra Chairs. Not only this. We talked to ASI Guide to ensure that he is available on that day and opens some of the monuments in For complex such as Mosque, Granary, etc. Not just this. We personally visited the shed of Transport company looked at seats, cleanliness, effectiveness of AC and ensured that Bus is good for the comfortable overnight travel.

On the day of travel…

Coming back to the travel date, as this is our 8th trip to this place and we have done detailed planning, trip was smooth.

Appreciation: Travel was great. Stay was appreciated by everyone. Colleagues praised the Travel Managers for the wonderful planning & coordination. We normally help a homemaker in Proddatur by ordering sweets, snacks and paruppu podi (Dal Powder). We did that this time also. Everyone liked the sweets and snacks.

Gandikota Fort Monuments visit: Because we had alerted, on that day, we could go to top of Mosque to have supreme view of surroundings and go on top of Granary at all levels to experience how those days, Granary would have been used. Not only that we could see splendid view of various things from the top of Granary. We shared lot of stories.

Well planned sight seeings: We provided good rest to everyone during the mid day when it was very hot. We visited Gorge in the evening. By that time, weather was good and pleasant.

Adventure activity – Kayaking: around 9 wanted to go for Kayaking on the river pennar down in the gorge. Its a fantabulous experience for anyone to trek down from top of hill to river pennar between the gorge and to do Kayaking. Life time experience. When 9 wanted to do, we arranged it a shorter notice. That was very well appreciated by them.

Belum Caves: Next day we visited Agastheswara Kona, small temple and gorgeous gorge sighting from the other side of gorge. Thereafter, we took guests to the Belum Caves. As some renovation work is going on, cave is open only for 0.5 KM instead of 1.5 KM. However, we took special permission and took the guest inside upto Pathala Ganga (120 feet depth) deep inside cave and provided best experience.

Thereafter, we had a great buffet dinner at Hotel Mayura, Kadapa. Trip was great because of the guests. They supported us well. Thanks to all of them and to the company.

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