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Drive Through Chennai

Drive through these places in and around Chennai post lockdown and appetise your travel cravings. Please adhere to Government Covid 19 and Motor Vehicle guidelines and act to safeguard yourself and others. Specifically, please wear mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing. 

Please save this google map into your google map for easy navigation. For current updates on the water level of some of the lakes near Chennai, you can refer to below link.

Given below are the lesser crowded but some beautiful places that you can visit. Please let us know if we missed anything to +917550042234 /


Outer Ring Road -PC:

Stretching about a distance of 62 km, connecting GST Road at Vandalur to TPP road in Minjur, the route allows the heavy vehicle traffic to commute outside the city. 

This route with less traffic, clean and smooth roads tempts the city bikers to raise their throttle. 

With the curvy bends, the ups and downs of the road levels ,The ORR is entitled to be chosen as a photoshoot location too by few photographers, models and even by common photo enthusiasts. For the bikers who have reached the saturation point of their tolerance to wait to travel can consider measuring the periphery of Chennai, The ORR.

Get your keys, ignite your engine, fill your tanks and Vroom Vroom. 

There are several entry and exit points. Please plan and go.




About 25 km drive from Chennai, located in the Kanchipuram district is the Chembarambakkam Lake which is one of the prime water sources to the city of Chennai. This is also known as the Puliyur Kottam, one of the 24 kottams that existed even in the later Chola period.


The calm, serene with blue fresh waters creating the magic, Chembarambakkam Lake is an ideal picnic spot. One of the prime activities is Bird watching. One can spot distinct varieties of bird in the locality. There is a Watchtower amidst the lake to pave way for more admiration.  Nature admirers in Chennai are recommended to explore this place with your filled water cans, packed food and snacks, mats to spread, binoculars to spot the bird and most importantly do not forget your cameras as the scenic beauty tempts you to change your Social Media Profile Picture with hashtags sun kissed or wind hissed. 

Enjoy, relax and fill your heart with the mesmerising beauty of nature. 

Map. Please check before you go.


Akkarai Beach

Akkarai Beach

Chennai is not just about Marina and Elliiot’s beach. The shore starting from Ennore and extending till Uthandi or even beyond, there are a wide range of options for the beach lovers to choose. One of the top picks is definitely the Akkarai Beach. 

No adjectives are really required to describe the beauty of a beach as we know it obviously. 

Akkarai is located in the ECR at about 12 km from Thiruvanmiyur bus terminus and 2 km from VGP universal kingdom. With lesser footfalls as it is located outside the city, one can enjoy the maximum bliss at social distancing already. 




Panayur Beach

Panayur Beach

Coming next on the list of non-cliche beaches is the Panaiyur Beach, located in a fishermen village Panaiyur in ECR.

The tidy environment and lesser footfalls attract the tourist to stop at the coast to breathe in some salty air. 

At about 3.2 km from Akkarai Beach, Panaiyur is also an ideal spot to consider visiting. 






Kolavai Lake

Kolavai Lake

About 60 km from Chennai, adjoining the town of Chengalpattu is the Kolavai Lake. 

Have you travelled on a suburban train to Chengalpattu? If yes between Paranur and Chengalpattu you would have noticed a serene water body that never goes off even in the peak summer. If not, no worries release your clutches and accelerate to Kolavai. 

The sublime views of the sunrise and sunset have grabbed the attention of many tourists to the spot. This place will not disappoint the birdwatchers too. Plan at the dawn or the dusk to feast your eyes with the luminescence on the lake bed and distinct feathers flocking around. 



  1. POONDI:


Now going 60 km from Chennai towards Thiruvallur across the Kotralai river is the Poondi Reservoir which acts as another important water resource to Chennai city. 

After Sir Robert Bruce Foote accidentally discovered a stone tool at Pallavaram in the year 1863, followed by the discovery of many artefacts in and around Poondi. There are other heritage insights connecting Poondi. Apart from that, the reservoir is a fine sight to the eyes and stands as a reason to gear up and drive through. 



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Surrounded by the expressway of OMR and residential areas Perungudi, Pallikaranai, Siruseri, Madipakkam, Velachery and Taramani, about 12 km south of the central city is the freshwater marsh Pallikaranai

While there are busy commuters on the 200 feet radial road that cuts across, the wetland seeks the attention of nature enthusiasts. A dawn or a dusk on the edge of the marshland enables the stopper to witness pelicans, ducks, ibis. The reserve forest land hosts certain breeds of birds in this busy city of Chennai. Reaching to Pallikaranai is comfortable and a drive through may calm the hungry nature seekers a bit. 


#Pallikaranai, #Marshland

St. Thomas Mount

St. Thomas Mount

In the neighbourhood of Guindy there is a small hillock, St.Thomas Mount or the Parangimalai (the modern tamil reference of the hill). St.Thomas Church is situated at the top of the hillock as a dedication to Mother Mary. One can climb 160 steps to reach there or can drive atop as well. 

Apart from being a spiritual place, the views from above are noteworthy. This hill within the busy city is a cool and calm place with a breathtaking view of the Chennai city from above gives the feel of both being inside and outside the city. With the airport located very near, one can witness the take off and landing of the planes at a real close distance (90s kids note it down). Sunset is amazing from this place. 

Though it is a small hillock, driving up the hill and driving back down can be moments of shorter span to cherish with your folks. 

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Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society

The Theosophical society is located near the Adyar river which serves as the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. 

This is one of the best places in the Chennai city for a tranquil walk. The place is mostly identified as Adyar Alamaram as this place is the home for the 450 years old Great Banyan tree. The abundance of flora isolates us from the noise and chatter of the city. Huddleston Garden is located on the South Bank of the Adyar river and stretches over 260 acres. The garden hosts migratory birds, fruit bats, snakes, jackals, wild cats, mongooses, hares, and a variety of spiders. This place is opened only for minimal hours to maintain less ecological damage inside. The ideal spot for a perfect escape from the busy city. 

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Adyar Tholkappiar Park

Adyar Tholkappiar Park

For the restoration of the freshwater ecosystem of the Coromandel coast, the Government of Tamil Nadu set up an ecological park known as the Adyar Tholkappia Poonga or Adyar Eco Park. The Park’s ecosystem comprises tropical dense evergreen forest with trees and shrubs that remains lush green throughout the year. There are over 160 species of trees. 

Yet another place to escape the busy city and unite with the Green. A walk through the park is cleansing and replenishing with the embracement of the natural habitat.

Before joining the sea, the Adyar River takes off northward beyond the Chettinad Palace forming a Tidal Creek. There are small inlets that form a part of Tidal Creek across the eco-park. 

All together making it a close connection with biodiversity. Walk the park to rejoice and replenish.

The Park is open to the public only for three days in a week and requires prior booking for a visit. Booking link is given below. Park is closed now. You can plan once it is open.

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