Dream Dandeli for Birding

Its dream for every Birder and Birding Photo Traveller to go to the heavenly forests of Dandeli to see lot of beautiful birds which are endemic to the Western Ghats. Organized two nights and three days Birding Photo Travel to Dandeli. Dandeli in Karnataka is known for wilderness, trails, dense forests, many bird species and adventurous white water rafting. Dandeli is popular for Hornbills. Our trip covered one night stay in Old Magazine House, a property of Jungle Lodge Resorts (Karnataka Forest Department) and another night stay at a homestay inside the jungle. Guests enjoyed a lot by photographing rare birds and the dream ‘Hornbills’. Old Magazine Hide attracted many birds. Stay and food were good. Guests also visited many other places like Timber Depot, Kulgi, etc.  

How was the experience?

“Dandeli is a beautiful place and would recommend it especially for people who have not done birding in the western ghats👍👍 I believe Oct-Dec is the best time to visit.”, says Sanjiv who was part of the trip.

About the feedback about the trip from guests:

Moulie, an experienced Birder and the Photographer, stated that ‘Very responsive and responsible tour operator who responds to all queries and does prompt follow ups.” For detailed review, refer to Google Review and TripAdvisor Review. Refer to his Instagram for more photos.

Sanjiv, another Birder, stated “Well organised trip (1 day at OMH and 2 days Dandeli)” For detailed review, refer to Google Review and TripAdvisor Review. Refer to his Instagram for more photos.

KeyTerns is a travel firm, organizing ‘Experiential Travel’ primarily. Birding is one the themes. Please join active whatsapp group to interact and follow our Birding page for more details and the upcoming trips.  Please contact +917550042234 or keyterns@gmail.com for details.

Some Photos by Moulie from Dandeli Trip. For more – Instagram

Some Photos by Sanjiv from Dandeli Trip. For more – Instagram

Some birds list are given below.

1) Malabar Pied Hornbill (M/F)
2) Malabar Grey Hornbill (M/F)
3) Greater Flameback
4) Blue capped Rock Thrush
5) Indian Yellow Tit
6) Malabar (Blyth’s) Starling
7) Crimson Backed Sunbird
8) White Bellied Blue Flycatcher (M/F)
9) Brown cheeked Fulvetta
10) Yellow Browed Bulbul
11) Paradise Flycatcher (F)
12) Blue and White Flycatcher
13) Emerald Dove
14) Puff Throated Babbler
15) Black Capped Monarch (M/F)
16) Common Hill Myna
17) Orange Minivet
18) Spot Billed Duck
19) Cotton Pygmy Goose
20) Velvet Fronted Nuthatch
21) Oriental Magpie Robin
22) Rusty Tailed Flycatcher
23) Bronze Winged Jacana
24) River Tern
25) Brahminy Kite
26) Oriental Honey Buzzard
27) Osprey
28) Shikra
29) Asian Fairy Bluebird (M/F)
30) White Rumped Shama (M/F)
31) Flame Throated Bulbul
32) White Cheeked Barbet
33) Plum Headed Parakeet
34) Malabar Parakeet
35) Greenish Warbler
36) Yellow Footed Green pigeon
37) Indian Roller
38) Golden Fronted Leafbird
39) Spotted Dove
40) Oriental White Eye
41) Red Vented Bulbul

42) Red Whiskered Bulbul
43) Yellow Crowned Woodpecker
44) Little Spider Hunter
45) Vernal Hanging Parrot
46) Coppersmith Barbet
47) Jungle Myna
48) Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
49) Red-Wattled Lapwing
50) Little Grebe
51) Grey-headed Swamphen
52) Common Sandpiper
53) Rosy Starling
54) Brown Shrike
55) Peacock
56) White Throated Kingfisher
57) Oriental Darter
58) Little Cormorant
59) Indian Pond Heron
60) Green Bee-eater
61) Blue-tailed Bee-eater
62) Ashy Drongo
63) White browed wagtail
64) Wire-tailed Swallow
65) Nilgiri Flowerpecker
66) Malabar Giant Squirrel
67) Flying Lizard/Garden Lizard
68) Flying Squirrel (nocturnal)

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