Curated Birding Trips

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Are you an looking for Birding trips?

Consider joining our Birding trips. Birding is one of the best hobbies as you join nature to experience Birding. Its soul fulfilling, meditative, learning and so on. We provide Private Birding Trips and Fixed Date Public Birding Trips. All our trips are curated with a Spotting Scope where required to have greater experience and learning.

Why should you join our Birding trips?

  • For Birding in best locations
  • For learning more on Birding
  • For networking with like minded

How do we do Chennai hourly trips?

  • We do Chennai weekend birding trips regularly. It will be announced in the whatsapp group (details below).
  • On Friday, Sunday’s Birding trip is announced with location. Start time, Exact Meeting coordinates, Carpool arrangement, etc. will be shared by Saturday. Please note that we may not have trips on all Sundays.
  • If we have many participants, we may separate the group based on interests like Beginners, Photography, Students and so on. Otherwise, we may do together.
  • Cost is only for curation. Participants need to bring Water and Food. For now, we are doing Birding trips around Chennai with Bring Your Vehicle or Join Carpool model by sharing fuel cost.
  • Please join group to get updates about our trips and view page for more.
  • Please contact +917550042234 / for cost and other details.

~ Team KeyTerns,

Fixed Date Group Trips

  • You will be able to see dates for booking if a trip is scheduled.

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Affiliate Birding Packages

Best Birding Resorts in India.. 

Jungle Hut, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

Best place for birding and stay

– Cardamom Comforts Homestay, Dindigul, India, Book here by clicking the image or Contact +917550042234 for booking

Blanket Hotel & Spa, Munnar, India

Oland Plantation Farm Stay – Coonoor, Ooty, India