Are  you a Comfort Traveller who is interested in Adventure experience? Read on…

To us, Comfort Traveller is someone who wants comfort in the entire travel in terms of transport, stay, relaxed itinerary, less distance local travel and so on. Comfort Traveller – Adventure is someone interested in ‘Adventure’ experience while enjoying the comfort package.

  • Land adventure: Camping / Trekking / Hiking / Off road drives / Rappelling / Bouldering / ATV Rides / Wildlife Safari
  • Watersports: Sailing / Sports Fishing / Kayaking / Surfing / Parasailing / Scuba diving / Snorkeling
  • Aerosports: Paragliding / Paramotoring

This page gives details of Fixed Date Trips and Any Date Private Trips apart from sharing Blogs, Videos and Posts.

~ Team KeyTerns