Waiting so long to Travel?

No more waiting is required. Let us kick start the joy of exploring with all safety measures. Sometimes the joy is more when a set of like minded enthusiasts unite, isn’t it? It is an effort to bring together all the travel lovers and make the experience worthwhile. We are curating Fixed Date Budget Adventure […]

Flamingos Trip


Chennai, BIRD WATCHING TRIP – FLAMINGOS Flamingos, The flame coloured birds are usually spotted in Pulicat Lake in the month of November. The social birds live in colonies to escape predators, for efficient nesting and of course to maximise the food intake. They gather in flocks in the month of November – December in the […]

Coorg Coffee

Try Less Crowded Monsoon Trip To Coorg!

Monsoon is slowed down on the western ghats. Perfect time to be there if you like rain. See if you can make it. Drizzling, you will feel like getting drenched. Raining, you will feel like dancing. Windy, you will feel like enjoying the delicious food. Gushing river water, you will love doing White Water Rafting. […]

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Kutraalam Waterfalls

Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls

A Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls Known as the Spa of South India, Kutralam (also called ‘Courtallam’) has numerous waterfalls, cascades and countless health resorts. This waterfall zone is the source for perennial rivers like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The waterfalls of Courtallam have medicinal value as they run through forest [...]
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Jet Ski

Have You Done Jet Ski In These Places In India?

Jet Ski is fun, safe, adventurous and suits any age person. Have you done Jet Ski in these places? They are the best in India i.e. Chennai, Goa and Andaman. 1. Goa – Challenge the Waves! An ideal vacation is a combination of peace, leisure and the right amount of adventure, right? Waters are where […]

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Tholkappiar Park

Drive Through Chennai

Drive through these places in and around Chennai post lockdown and appetise your travel cravings. Please adhere to Government Covid 19 and Motor Vehicle guidelines and act to safeguard yourself and others. Specifically, please wear mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing.  Please save this google map into your google map for easy navigation. For […]

Chennai Full Moon Sailing

Traveller Experience – Once In A Blue Moon…

Another interesting Podcast. This time, it’s about an experience of a passionate traveller, Jessy. Listen to the story, and share feedback. Spotify – Google Podcast – (Listen to ‘The Blue Moon’) – no login is required – Thanks to Jessy for sharing her experience. If you want us to share your travel experience to inspire others, […]

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Billa Surgam Caves

Have You Visited These Stunning Geological Structures?

Covering some interesting geological structure trips that you can do. Orange Caves in Andhra Known by the villages Bildurgam, the caves named Billa Surgam are sedimentary and igneous rock formations. About an hour’s drive from Kurnool there is a small village called Kanuma Kina Kottala where the Billa Surgam caves are located. Geologists discovered cave […]

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Aerial Sports In India That You Must Do!

Fly High When You Are In Chennai Amidst the beaches, museums, memorials, temples, theme parks, Chennai has got this too!  Harnessed on a paramotoring tricycle, with a motor behind, attached to the sail, ECR, the East Coast Road Chennai, offers you not just to meet the tides but to greet the tides from above. We […]