Dream Stay At 18th Century Palace On The Hills…

There is a need for the surreal life amidst the pandemic and chaos. Experience the sense of serenity and tranquillity in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Far from jams, relaxing in the foothills is the best way to rejuvenate and  invigorate oneself. Rajakkad Estate, at 1000 meters above sea level, is nestled in the […]

How Is Navratri Indian Festival Celebrated, Specifically in Chennai?

India is globally addressed as the land of culture, heritage and spirituality. Supporting the definition is the festive season of India, the Navarathri or Dussehra. Every year in the autumn, celebrated for a span of 9 days, Navarathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. What? Yes, you are reading it [...]
Kutraalam Waterfalls

Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls

A Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls Known as the Spa of South India, Kutralam (also called ‘Courtallam’) has numerous waterfalls, cascades and countless health resorts. This waterfall zone is the source for perennial rivers like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The waterfalls of Courtallam have medicinal value as they run through forest [...]
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Billa Surgam Caves

Have You Visited These Stunning Geological Structures?

Covering some interesting geological structure trips that you can do. Orange Caves in Andhra Known by the villages Bildurgam, the caves named Billa Surgam are sedimentary and igneous rock formations. About an hour’s drive from Kurnool there is a small village called Kanuma Kina Kottala where the Billa Surgam caves are located. Geologists discovered cave […]

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Sample Wellness Resort

Best Places To Visit In South India

A vacation will do a world of good to revive and rejuvenate! Given the situation, it can still be accomplished by visiting a well hygiene and less crowded place. We are providing below some hotels and resorts for your reference. There could be more for your choice and budget – click here to get more. Yercaud A […]


Long Drive Thru Places Near Bengaluru With Stay Choices

A vacation will do a world of good to revive and rejuvenate! Given the situation, it can still be accomplished by visiting a well hygiene and less crowded place.  Bangalore Situated at 3,113 feet above sea level, on top of a ridge in the Karnataka plateau, it is known as Garden city for its abundant […]

Heritage things to do in Mamallapuram

Location features: Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is a historic city and UNESCO World Heritage site in Tamil Nadu, India. Few must visit places are: Shore temple: The stunning Shore Temple is a two-temple structure that stands facing the sea. It is one of the oldest stone-built temples in South India and was one of the first […]

Majestic Forts To Visit In India

Majestic Forts To Visit In India Forts are one of India’s most amazing architectural marvels. These structures served as safe quarters during the many battles in the monarchy era. As we trail into these rustic charms, the monuments that hold secrets of a bygone century, we also get a glimpse of the science our ancestors […]

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Full moon

Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India

Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India Experience doubles up on special days. For me, full moon day is a special day. I look for full moon day travel experiences. It is soul fulfilling to see a full moon rise from the ground. So, where you see full moon rise matters. Not […]

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Hampi – Badami trip by KeyTerns

12 guests were eagerly waiting to travel to Hampi and Badami on August 14th 2019. Just 3 days before the trip start date, Thungabatra river got flooded as dam released 300000 cusecs water in one day. It flooded monuments. It was a difficult time for all of us. Fortunately, we could cancel train tickets, hotels […]

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Culinary Trail from Kanchi to Arcot

KeyTerns came up with unique Culinary Trail on 12th Feb 2017 to Kanchi, Arcot & Vellore. It was a fabulous trip. Covered by India express. http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/2017/feb/12/arcot-mutton-biryani-or-thayir-saadam-1569940.html Culinary Trail to Arcot – soundbite in Radio City FM https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Td–_ZQCqBDWP7oyG3sedPo7w8R9mhEr/view?usp=sharing Culinary Trail Promo in Radio City FM