Travelling to Rameswaram? Book Hyatt!

Its Oct 2020. Tourist places including monuments in Tamil Nadu are not yet open. Only Worship places are open with lot of restrictions. Many prefer to visit Temples for peace, prayer, happiness, offerings, and so on. Considering this, KeyTerns is extending Hotel booking services.

We do understand that Guests need . A family wanted to go to Rameshwaram. They were concerned about the stay place and needed hygiene stay place that operates with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Considering their requirement and budget, we recommended Hyatt Place at Rameswaram because of following reasons.

  • Hotel ensures sanised environment, all staff wearing mask, hygiene place and food.
  • Our B2B arrangement price was 30% lesser than others.

Guests happily chose and stayed at Hyatt and were very happy with the service and place. Sharing with you all. If you would like to travel to any place, please count on us for your stay and transport.

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on Oct 29, 2020