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Covid restrictions in Tamil Nadu till Jan 31st Giving below Covid restrictions in some key places. We truly care for your safety and health. Please take care of yourselves. Together, we can come out of Covid crisis shortly. Sunday lockdown Night curfew Worship places closure on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Government Order – Link 1 […]

Newsletter - Mar 2021 As part of this newsletter, we are happy to share new purpose and value statements of KeyTerns. Purpose of KeyTerns is to make every travel experiential and sustainable. Our Values are a. Customer Centricity, b. Applying Integrity and c. Being Kind. Everything is around Purpose and Values for us in KeyTerns. [...]

Dream Dandeli for Birding

Its dream for every Birder and Birding Photo Traveller to go to the heavenly forests of Dandeli to see lot of beautiful birds which are endemic to the Western Ghats. Organized two nights and three days Birding Photo Travel to Dandeli. Dandeli in Karnataka is known for wilderness, trails, dense forests, many bird species and adventurous [...]

Newsletter – Fab Feb 2021

Newsletter - Fab Feb 2021 Feb was fabulous with satisfying experiences for customers and launch of new products. Our sincere gratitude to all of you for always supporting us. Please continue to support us to cross this difficult time for the Travel industry. We assure you that we will keep your safety and needs as [...]

Offbeat Cool locations for Summer months in South India

Everyone looks for a cool place during the summer. Some of the popular cool hill stations are crowded. Here, we are listing some of the not so popular but cool places that one can consider. Please suggest if you know of any other place. Sirumalai, Coffee County Resorts Leisure StaySirumalai, Coffee County Resorts Leisure StaySirumalai [...]

Luxury Experiences

  Rainforest Resort, Athirapally, India The mighty Athirapalli waterfalls facing Resort.. Click on the image to book. Maldives Resorts on the Sea. Click on the image to book. W Maldives, Maldives Islands, Maldives #LuxuryExperience, #LuxuryTravel, #Luxury

Osprey - PC Deepthi

Chennai – Great habitat for Birding near Thiruporur

Birding Trip Report - Sunday 21-Feb-2021 KeyTerns curated a Birding Trip near Thiruporur. It was raining in the morning. Birders patiently waited for an hour. Rain stopped. With excellent weather, habitat, and the kind of Birds, all had a great time. Sharing photos and list of birds. Birds Spotted During the 21-Feb-2021 Trip Near Thiruporur [...]

Are you looking for water adventure experience trips? 

Are you looking for water adventure experience trips? We have more to offer now in a safe environment. #FunSailing – for anyone, look for Sunset Sailing, Moonlight Sailing in Chennai #SailingCoaching – 7 years and up to any age, get certified in Chennai #SailingForKids – Plant a seed in kids to become an Olympic Sailor. #CelebrateWhileSailing – […]


Top Romantic Resorts To Stay For This 2021 Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and by now you must be dreaming to woo your valentine with the most romantic gift ever. If you’re hoping to take romance a step further this Valentine’s Day, whisk off your partner for a long romantic drive to one of these most romantic destinations in India. From exotic, [...]

Exciting Beginning – Travel Newsletter

Travel is slowly picking up. KeyTerns is carefully playing its part in 'Travel recovery' ensuring Customer safety first. KeyTerns provided some fantastic experiences and travel in the last few weeks in Nature-Adventure, Heritage-Culture and Spiritual-Wellness themes. We are glad to share them with you as below. KeyTerns team is thankful for four more 5 star Google reviews Ratings and Reviews: First of all [...]
PC Sendyl

A good place for Birding!

On 24th Jan 2021, KeyTerns organized a curated Birding trip near a lakeside place on Vandalur - Oragadam road. Group did some good birding, and had tasty homemade Breakfast. Below list was compiled by Darshana with inputs from others. Refer to Photo Album section for nice photos. List of Birds Open billed stork Rosy starling [...]
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Asian Openbill

2021 Pongal Bird Count

Pallikaranai Marsh–Midlands பள்ளிக்கரணை சதுப்புநிலம்– நடுப்பகுதி, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, IN 17 Jan, 2021 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM Protocol: Traveling 0.2 kilometer(s) Checklist Comments: Pongal Bird Count 55 species Fulvous Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna bicolor) 4 Indian Spot-billed Duck (Anas poecilorhyncha) 20 Grey Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus) 2 Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) (Columba livia (Feral Pigeon)) 10 Spotted Dove […]

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Waterfalls near Chennai and Bengaluru

Waterfalls experience is always fantastic. We are listing best Waterfalls near Chennai and Bengaluru. Courtallam / Kutralam Waterfalls It’s called queen of waterfalls on the Southern India. Water contains medicinal properties as it flows down from hill where there are many herbal plants. https://keyterns.com/guide-to-kutralam-and-private-falls/ Jog falls It is one of the best waterfalls India. We […]

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New Normal Travel, What’s That?

New Normal Travel We are seeing new normal everywhere. Travel sector is no exception. We, KeyTerns, are sharing our recent experience. April to November 2020, travel was almost zero. From December onwards, with most of the spots opening up, travel is slowly picking up. Travellers are finding ways to keep Physical Distancing because of Covid […]

Marakkanam Birding

Chennai, a rate migratory Shore bird and much more..

Birdwatching near Marakkanam, Tamil Nadu, IN 27 Dec, 2020 8:06 AM - 11:06 AM Protocol: Traveling 2.0 kilometer(s) 60 species Group of 10 travelled in own cars and assembled near Marakkanam and started bird watching. Place was so nice, best for photography and birding. Today's prize sighting is Grey-tailed Tattler (Tringa brevipes), considered to be rare in [...]
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Leisure Day’s Outing from Chennai

If you are NOT a tourist looking out for a cliche spots and want crowd free or less crowded exciting spots near Chennai, you must read this. Thiruvakkarai Fossil The National Fossil Wood Park, Tiruvakkarai is a notified National Geo-heritage Monument located in the Villupuram District and is maintained by the Geological Survey of India.The park was established in 1940 and is [...]

Best Hotels in Pondicherry around Rs.2000 to 3000

Click on the image to book Annamalai International Hotel Pondicherry Features Located in the heart of the city, centralized air conditioned hotel with 70 rooms Multi-cuisine restaurant and vegetarian restaurant with exclusive vegetarian kitchen. The Court of Bacchus (BAR). Swimming pool in terrace Open to sky is exclusively for resident guests. The hotel is 1.9 mi from [...]

Could not belive, this place has so many birds!

It was still misty at dawn as the morning light was driving away the darkness. As we waited for the others to arrive a White-browed Bulbul was scolding an intruder in a nearby neem tree. Some villagers watched us curiously while proceeding to do their morning ablutions in nature. We were wondering about the purpose […]


Dream Stay At 18th Century Palace On The Hills…

There is a need for the surreal life amidst the pandemic and chaos. Experience the sense of serenity and tranquillity in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Far from jams, relaxing in the foothills is the best way to rejuvenate and  invigorate oneself. Rajakkad Estate, at 1000 meters above sea level, is nestled in the […]

Flamingos Festivity…

Dear Birding Enthusiasts The omnivore bird with stilt-like legs, pink coloured feathers usually with a S shaped neck fly to the second largest brackish water ecosystem of India, the Pulicat lake in the month of November. They are social birds that live in flocks to escape predators, breed and to increase the appetite. Flamingos feed [...]
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Optimist class

Train your kids to represent the Tricolour! Dear Parents! Train your kids to represent the Tricolour! Parents always want their kid to be on top, to be successful, to be praised all over! But in the competitive world right now, the factor of success and getting recognition worries us a bit, right? Here is an [...]
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Our Effort is for your Comfort!

  Festive season is on and the celebrations have begun! Celebration is not always about parties, loud music, yelling, roller coaster rides. Sometimes taking time for oneself in solitude, comfort, and serenity can be a way of celebration. We are all busy. Letting go of all the entanglements for a weekend and heading to a […]


Waiting so long to Travel?

No more waiting is required. Let us kick start the joy of exploring with all safety measures. Sometimes the joy is more when a set of like minded enthusiasts unite, isn’t it? It is an effort to bring together all the travel lovers and make the experience worthwhile. We are curating Fixed Date Budget Adventure […]


X-mas and New Year!

Hola Travel enthusiasts! The Holiday season is here and yes they are being kind to us this time by falling on Fridays. A long weekend! Without a second thought it is understandable that you are searching for an ideal celebration destination already. With all necessary safety precautions and celebration measures, we are curating Fixed Date […]

Optimist class

Adventure Enthusiasts, Aspiring Sailors, Parents…

Connect with International Sailor, Watersports Enthusiast, Scuba Diver Chinna Reddy! Get to know about his Water Adventure Experience including Wind Sailing. You or your kid may become a International Sailing Champion. You may be having some of the questions as below. – What are the exhilarating sailing locations in India? – Is sailing a safe […]


Travelling to Rameswaram? Book Hyatt!

Its Oct 2020. Tourist places including monuments in Tamil Nadu are not yet open. Only Worship places are open with lot of restrictions. Many prefer to visit Temples for peace, prayer, happiness, offerings, and so on. Considering this, KeyTerns is extending Hotel booking services. We do understand that Guests need . A family wanted to [...]

How Is Navratri Indian Festival Celebrated, Specifically in Chennai?

India is globally addressed as the land of culture, heritage and spirituality. Supporting the definition is the festive season of India, the Navarathri or Dussehra. Every year in the autumn, celebrated for a span of 9 days, Navarathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. What? Yes, you are reading it [...]
Coorg Coffee

Try Less Crowded Monsoon Trip To Coorg!

Monsoon is slowed down on the western ghats. Perfect time to be there if you like rain. See if you can make it. Drizzling, you will feel like getting drenched. Raining, you will feel like dancing. Windy, you will feel like enjoying the delicious food. Gushing river water, you will love doing White Water Rafting. […]

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Kutraalam Waterfalls

Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls

A Guide To The Kutraalam And Private Falls Known as the Spa of South India, Kutralam (also called ‘Courtallam’) has numerous waterfalls, cascades and countless health resorts. This waterfall zone is the source for perennial rivers like Chittar River, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani. The waterfalls of Courtallam have medicinal value as they run through forest [...]
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Krishna Sculptures In South India – A Travel

Krishna Dancing On Snake Krishna dancing on the multi-hooded snake (Kalinga) in the River Yamuna. This dancing Krishna is called as Kalinga Narthana Krishna Image: Belur, Karnataka #Travel, #India, #Heritage, #Spiritual, #Religious, #Krishna, #Belur, #KalingaNarthana Krishna Lifting Hill Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill to protect his people and cattle from the thunderstorms and rain caused […]

Jet Ski

Have You Done Jet Ski In These Places In India?

Jet Ski is fun, safe, adventurous and suits any age person. Have you done Jet Ski in these places? They are the best in India i.e. Chennai, Goa and Andaman. 1. Goa – Challenge the Waves! An ideal vacation is a combination of peace, leisure and the right amount of adventure, right? Waters are where […]

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Tholkappiar Park

Drive Through Chennai

Drive through these places in and around Chennai post lockdown and appetise your travel cravings. Please adhere to Government Covid 19 and Motor Vehicle guidelines and act to safeguard yourself and others. Specifically, please wear mask, wash your hands and maintain social distancing.  Please save this google map into your google map for easy navigation. For […]

Chennai Full Moon Sailing

Traveller Experience – Once In A Blue Moon…

Another interesting Podcast. This time, it’s about an experience of a passionate traveller, Jessy. Listen to the story, and share feedback. Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/episode/3rhlycq8ejZ64Smygyh44y Google Podcast – https://podcasts.google.com/?q=keyterns (Listen to ‘The Blue Moon’) – no login is required – Thanks to Jessy for sharing her experience. If you want us to share your travel experience to inspire others, […]

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Billa Surgam Caves

Have You Visited These Stunning Geological Structures?

Covering some interesting geological structure trips that you can do. Orange Caves in Andhra Known by the villages Bildurgam, the caves named Billa Surgam are sedimentary and igneous rock formations. About an hour’s drive from Kurnool there is a small village called Kanuma Kina Kottala where the Billa Surgam caves are located. Geologists discovered cave […]

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Aerial Sports In India That You Must Do!

Fly High When You Are In Chennai Amidst the beaches, museums, memorials, temples, theme parks, Chennai has got this too!  Harnessed on a paramotoring tricycle, with a motor behind, attached to the sail, ECR, the East Coast Road Chennai, offers you not just to meet the tides but to greet the tides from above. We […]

Sample Wellness Resort

Best Places To Visit In South India

A vacation will do a world of good to revive and rejuvenate! Given the situation, it can still be accomplished by visiting a well hygiene and less crowded place. We are providing below some hotels and resorts for your reference. There could be more for your choice and budget – click here to get more. Yercaud A […]


Best Parasailing Places

SAIL ABOVE THE SEA – GOA A Drone captures the Bird’s eye view of the stunning landscapes of the Coast and the mighty Sea. It’s your turn now. Get ready to fly, fastened by a rope on a speedboat. Parasail over the Arabian Sea. Clinging to a harness attached to a speedboat by a tow […]


Long Drive Thru Places Near Bengaluru With Stay Choices

A vacation will do a world of good to revive and rejuvenate! Given the situation, it can still be accomplished by visiting a well hygiene and less crowded place.  Bangalore Situated at 3,113 feet above sea level, on top of a ridge in the Karnataka plateau, it is known as Garden city for its abundant […]

Dandeli River Rafting

Some White Water Rafting Places in India

White Water Rafting is an amazing adventure experience. Karnataka, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Himachal are doing a great job. In Karnataka, Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation supports. Here is a video – https://youtu.be/RFdkk_HQeOo. Goa takes it to a new level with Sea Rafting. Read more… Listing below some of the best places in India.    Coorg […]

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Heritage things to do in Mamallapuram

Location features: Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is a historic city and UNESCO World Heritage site in Tamil Nadu, India. Few must visit places are: Shore temple: The stunning Shore Temple is a two-temple structure that stands facing the sea. It is one of the oldest stone-built temples in South India and was one of the first […]

Majestic Forts To Visit In India

Majestic Forts To Visit In India Forts are one of India’s most amazing architectural marvels. These structures served as safe quarters during the many battles in the monarchy era. As we trail into these rustic charms, the monuments that hold secrets of a bygone century, we also get a glimpse of the science our ancestors […]

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Gandikota Belum

Grand Canyon Of India Camping

Offbeat Travellers / Backpackers / Road Trippers / Bikers   When I first heard that there is a mini grand canyon in India, I could not believe it. I wanted to explore. When I travelled for the first time, I was amazed with the landscape, and the beauty. Then, I travelled many times as I [...]
Full moon

Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India

Best Full Moon Day Trips One Should Experience In India Experience doubles up on special days. For me, full moon day is a special day. I look for full moon day travel experiences. It is soul fulfilling to see a full moon rise from the ground. So, where you see full moon rise matters. Not […]

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Best apps for travel after lock down

In my view, I feel that the following apps will be very helpful in travel whether you are a Backpacker or Road Tripper or any kind of a traveller.   How do you find out a place to reach when you are driving and in a remote place without internet data to get map support?  […]

Goa 6

Great 2020 ahead!

Dear Traveller, It has been a great journey with you. *”A very big thanks for the support”* *2019 was great*. Interesting travelogue is presented here. – 45% of the our travellers were women. Organized *Woman* only trips to Singapore, Gandikota , Thanjavur, and Goa. – Organized a *Geologist* curated trip to Gandikota and Belum for the […]

Hampi – Badami trip by KeyTerns

12 guests were eagerly waiting to travel to Hampi and Badami on August 14th 2019. Just 3 days before the trip start date, Thungabatra river got flooded as dam released 300000 cusecs water in one day. It flooded monuments. It was a difficult time for all of us. Fortunately, we could cancel train tickets, hotels […]

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KeyTerns Newsletter

KeyTerns did some fantastic trips recently. Here is the update. *Museum Walk* by Archaeologist As part of Madras Day, KeyTerns conducted a Museum walk at Bronze Gallery. It was well appreciated by guests. Some of them were kind enough to submit reviews in TripAdvisor for us. Many shared stunning photos. Humble thanks to them. Please […]