Welcome to KEYTERNS

What do we do and why do we do (Purpose)?

Organizing or facilitating niche Nature – Offbeat, Heritage – Culture and Spiritual – Well Being theme travel to Adventure, Leisure, Corporate and Educational Travellers globally.

Purpose of KeyTerns is to provide enriched travel experience‌.
Our values are Kind to everyone, Act with Integrity, Customer needs first


Our current service offerings:

  • Group Travel in Nature & Offbeat, Heritage & Culture and Spiritual & Wellbeing for the like minded
  • Personalized Travel for Solo, Couple, Families and Friends as per their need and interest
  • Corporate travel for their employees to build talent and retain through our ‘Learning while Travelling’ and “Employee engagement’ Trips.
  • Educational Travel for students that helps practical understanding for faster and better education

How are we different?

  • Newer Experience: We provide newer experience in terms of theme, spots, trip curation, storytelling and activities
  • Thematic: Most of our trips are theme based and not destination based. Themes include Geology, Nature, Heritage, Music, Culture, Culinary, Monsoon, etc.
  • Experience based: All our group trips will have enjoyable theme related experience.
  • SME supported travel: We take inputs from Subject Matter Experts and involve them where required. Some of our trips are curated by Historian, Archaeologist, Culinary Consultant, Birding Expert and so on.

How are we different

Inspired by: KeyTerns derives its name from the super bird “Arctic Tern” that travels from the Arctic to Antarctica covering around 90,000 km per year. In its lifetime, it travels 24 Lacs KM, which is equivalent to 3 times travelling to the Moon and coming back.

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