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Mindfulness is all about the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. In an emotional world, how do we achieve that? Join Mindfulness Retreat Trip to learn the trick from renowned Spiritual Trainer Mr. Chandrasekar.

  • Curated by the Spiritual Trainer
  • Networking of several seekers
  • Interesting topics introducing mind, necessity of Spirituality and science of meditation
  • Learning Sarva Roopa Meditation, practising, getting feedback and clarifying
  • Much more.

Please contact 9176088725 / 7550042234 / keyterns@gmail.com to booking.

Cost inclusions:
  • Curation by Spiritual Trainer
  • Stay and Food as per plan agreed
  • Travel by AC Vehicle

Cost exclusions:

  • Any thing not in inclusions

Spiritual Trainer profile: Mr. Chandrasekar is a Spiritual Trainer, Meditation Master and an enlightened Guru. He has deep understanding about human mind and spirituality, mastered various techniques, and has wide range of knowledge in different school of philosophies.



  • Sequence given is indicative. Itinerary is subject to change
  • To make payment: http://keyterns.com/paynow/
  • FAQs, Terms and Refund rules – http://keyterns.com/terms/. Further, trip specific terms are given as below.
  • Package booking terms: 100% to be paid for booking.
  • 100% money will be refunded if KeyTerns is not doing the trip. If the guest informs the curator before 48 hours of trip start time, only 3% will be deducted and the rest will be refunded.
  • The curated trip will be conducted once a minimum of 6 persons register for the trip.


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Inspired by: KeyTerns derives its name from super bird “Arctic Tern” that travels from the Arctic to Antarctica covering around 90,000 km per year. In its lifetime, it travels 24 Lacs KM, which is equivalent to 3 times traveling to the Moon and coming back.

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