Long Sailing Orientation with Lunch at Pulicat



Planning to do Sailing events with J80 on Sunday 12th Jan 2020. The number of guests for Event A and Event B will be 24 each. You can choose either Event A or Event B as below.
8:30 am- Assemble at RMYC, Chennai Port for briefing
9:00 am- Sail from Chennai Port to Ennore Port
12:15 pm- Arrive at Ennore Port and board van
12:45 pm- Arrive at Pulicat sea shack
01:00 pm- Sea food and veg lunch
03:00 pm- Depart Pulicat by van
04:30 pm- Arrive at RBI by van
10:00 am- Arrive RBI
10:15 am- Leave RBI by van, visit Pulicat church, other tourist spots
11:45 am- Arrive Pulicat sea shack for sea food and veg lunch
01:30 pm- Leave by van to Ennore Port
02:00 pm- Reach Ennore Port
02:30 pm- Sail from Ennore Port to Chennai Port
05:30 pm- Reach Chennai Port by sea.
The sailing will be very memorable with blue seas and good chance of sighting dolphins. All guests will be trained to crew the J80 and will be issued soft copy of certificate of participation. The sea food will be fresh catch and consist of fish curry and fish fry, veg lunch will consist of garden fresh vegetables. Guests are to have breakfast and arrive since we are not providing breakfast. On the boats only drinking water will be provided. The idea is to reach Pulicat with a good appetite.


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