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Flamingos Festive trip is always successful for KeyTerns. Thanks to the Nature and Guests participation. On Saturday 5th Jan 2019, we organized Flamingos Fest trip to Pulicat to see Flamingos. It was a fabulous trip. Everyone enjoyed. We would have seen minimum of 5 flocks of 1000 to 2000 Flamingos. And there were more.  We had organized 35 seater super luxury AC bus. Including Moderators, 25 of us travelled. This blog narrates about the trip, provides link to photo album and also provides what our Guests had to say about the trip.

On time start was the first success: It was 5:45 AM in front of Guindy Metro Station. It was still dark and the weather was cold. We had requested Guests to assemble by 5:45 and wanted to leave by 6 AM Max. By the way, some came from far away place like Uthandi (on ECR). Thanks to all the Guests. Everyone assembled by 5:45 AM and we started on time.

We had a break at a restaurant in Gummidipoondi for a coffee & rest room. We wanted to pack breakfast and have it while watching Flamingos. As planned, we picked up breakfast packets (slightly delayed in collecting & loading) at Sullurpet and reached Pulicat lake bed around 08:45 AM.

First sighting of Flamingos: Everyone was excited when we saw the first flock of Flamingos.

Our Birding Expert quickly set up the Telescope and focussed on the flock of Flamingos. It was an exciting scene to watch pink Flamingos putting the long necked head down under the water, wading through shallow water and feeding. Suddenly, we saw some taking off and flying in all directions. It is a treat to watch when Flamingos fly with long neck and long legs.

While watching Birds, we started having Breakfast. Everyone liked the Breakfast. It was tasty. We then had good Coffee or Tea that we carried in a large container. It is nice to have food on the open ground in a cool weather.


Flamingos again & again: We were there in Pulicat area until 12:10 PM. We would have seen minimum of 4 additional flocs. Two of them, we saw closer. As we started taking photographs, it started moving inside.

Apart from Flamingos, we saw lot of ducks, Indian Pond Hero, Pelicans, Intermediate Egret on the Pulicat Lakeside. We reached ISRO Gate at Sriharikota, took a ‘U-turn’ and came back. While coming back, we stopped at at Attikanipu Pulicat Birding Centre. Interestingly, they had quite a good Exhibition posters of various birds specifically on Flamingos. We also saw a Documentary on birds that everyone liked.

Nelapattu: We proceeded to Nelapattu after picking up lunch. To our surprise, only we were there in Nelapattu. It was lovely. We finished packed lunch under the trees and started walking inside.

We saw many birds. Some were Spot-billed Pelican, Intermediate Egret, Openbill, Painted Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill

Activities: We conducted small activities like naming Birds and a Quiz. 4 were the winners on naming Birds and 1 Kid became the winner on the quiz competing with 22 others. It was a great moment for everyone.

Paintings: Also, one another kid had drawn Flamingos painting that is included in photo album link below. Few others had also shared their bird paintings, apt for this Flamingos Fest Trip. We have included them also in the photo album link below.

Appreciations: Everyone was happy and appreciated sighting of Flamingos and other birds, logistics arrangements including transport and food. Giving below some appreciations given by Guests on feedback.

  • “Great job done”
  • “Watching Flamingos!!! We had separately visited Pulicat last year but could not spot Flamingos. The timing, coordination, travel, instructions, food (mainly when you travel with a kid) are well take care of! Keep it up team!!! We had a great time!”
  • “Overall nice experience! My son had a very good opportunity to interact with the Birding Expert”
  • “I had a chance to see more of new birds. It was really nice to have the Birding Expert. Liked Quiz and other fun activities.”
  • “Well planned, value for money, Flamingos sighting, Organizers’ focus on customer delight!”
  • “Excellent hospitality, On time schedule, Perfect Planning, Birds in vicinity, Birding Expert’s knowledge”
  • “Lot of time was spent on Flamingos watching. This is the main purpose of the trip and trip management were focussed on it”
  • More…

We are glad that the trip was successful. Big thanks to Birding Expert who came with Telescope that was a winner. He had an injury in his leg. Still he managed to walk with us and showed us birds and explained. Big thanks to him. Very big thanks to all the guests for supporting the trip. Look forward to conducting many such bird watching trips..

Photo album:

Photo courtesy: Thanks to many who guests who shared their photos

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