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Who are we?

KeyTerns is the fast growing, successful, reputed, most preferred travel facilitator, providing

  • world class travel experience,
  • excellent environment and growth platform for employees & stakeholders and
  • service to society by contributing to travel industry.

Our vision is to help every person in the world enjoying the travel. Our values are Customer Focus, Integrity, Innovative, Positivity and People Friendly.

What do we do?

Organizing tours with focus on Customer Satisfaction and Value for Money to give fun, fulfilling, fine memories to every traveler. Value for money may include Newer experience or Thematic or Budget or Luxury / Pride.


Who are we serving?

We have tours for every traveler as given below.

  • Group travellers
    • Mixed group – Scheduled tours
      • Offbeat
      • Heritage & Culture
      • Spiritual & Health
    • Near & Dear – Packaged & Customized Travel (Friends / Family, Corporate, Educational)
  • Budget Travellers – any type of tours
  • Luxury / Leisure Travellers– Packaged & Customised Travel

We are an inclusive tour group. We are gender neutral and welcome solo / family / group / friends / kids in our tours. We care for everyone and treat everyone with dignity. We ensure comfort and safety.

What do our customers get?

  • Fun, Fulfilling experience and, Fine memories.

How are we different?

  • Newer Experience: Our Travelers surely get awesome newer experience.
  • Thematic: Most of our tours are theme based and not destination based. Themes include Geology, Nature, Heritage, Music, Culture, Culinary, Monsoon, etc.
  • Activities filled: All our tours will have enjoyable related activities fun games, story telling.
  • SME supported tours: Our tours are designed by Subject Matter Experts

What does KeyTerns mean?

KeyTerns derives its name from super bird “Arctic Tern” that covers around 90,000 KM yearly between Arctic to Antarctica. In it’s lifetime, it travels estimated 2,400,000 km. That’s a trip to the Moon 3 times over. Amazing! Get inspired! Travel….