Who are we?

KeyTerns conducts eventful Group Tours with unique themes, exotic locations & activities designed by SMEs. Customers’ Satisfaction & Safety are our values.

Who chooses our tours?

Women or Men | Solo Traveler or a Family or Corporate Colleagues or Students who need unique / offbeat / theme based Group Tours.

What does our customers get?

Fully engaged, Fun, Fine Memories

How are we different?

KeyTerns organizes thematic, event filled & SME supported group tours. Themes include Geology, Nature, Heritage, Music, Culture, Culinary, Photo shoot, etc.

What does KeyTerns mean?

KeyTerns derives its name from super bird “Arctic Tern” that covers around 90,000 KM yearly between Arctic to Antarctica. In it’s lifetime, it travels estimated 2,400,000 km. That’s a trip to the Moon 3 times over. Amazing! Get inspired! Travel….